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AACgo’ is ‘Allafricancinema goes to Town’ original series produced and created just for you. AACgo is on a mission to bring you information and entertainment according to our creative platform. Tracking African movies at Nigerian and Ghana Cinemas across is now a personal mission of the AACgo team.  Catch the following titles at a local cinema near you this May.

Showing at the Cinema Below Cheaters Torn House of Gold
Genesis Deluxe Cinemas Lagos, Lekki yes Yes Yes 
Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, Port Harcourt  Yes Yes N
Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, Enugu Polo Mall Yes N Yes
Ozone Cinemas, Lagos N Yes Yes
Silverbird Cinemas, SEC, Abuja Yes Yes Yes
Silverbird Cinemas, Ceddi Plaza, Abuja Yes Yes Yes
Silverbird Cinemas, Galleria, VI, Lagos Yes Yes N
Silverbird Cinemas,  Ikeja City Mall, Lagos Yes Yes Yes
Silverbird Cinemas, Port Harcourt Yes Yes Yes
Silverbird Cinemas, Uyo N Yes Yes
The Film House, Lagos Yes Yes N
The Film House, Calabar N N Yes
The Film House, Ibadan Yes Yes Yes

There are only three African Movie titles in a cinema close to you (our lowest ever). We don’t see any titles making a comeback from July.

All Nigerian Cinemas is showing a Nollywood Movie. Make sure you go out this week to see one.  Follow the Links below to find out more about these three movies, including trailers:



House of Gold

Update: Elysium will be released on Friday 16th August 2013 in Nigeria.

Three things you should know about the Elysium movie

It is Not Very Subtle
The first thing you should know about “Elysium” is that it’s an incredibly political science-fiction film, one in which immigration, health care reform, the “occupy” movements and behavior in the Middle East is addressed head on.

Matt Damon’s Acting was great
Damon plays Max, an orphan living in a Los Angeles that looks more like a bombed-out Mexico City (where the movie was shot). Damon’s character work is skillful; Max goes from being a selfish jerk to a quasi-savior of planet Earth, and Damon works that evolution with grace and measure. Unfortunately, his relationship with Frey (Alice Braga) is less developed and feels more perfunctory.

The Visual Effects are very Impressive
The effects combine to produce something that seems wholly real; the robots that interact with Damon have an eerie lifelike quality, and Elysium is so well visualized that you can practically smell the freshly cut artificial grass. While it’s full of space ships and robots and planetoids, it never seems to be on a campaign of shock and awe. The effects are subtle, which makes them even more impressive. - BellaNaija - August - BellaNaija - August - BellaNaija - August 2013004

Behind the Scene - BellaNaija - August - BellaNaija - August - BellaNaija - August - BellaNaija - August 20130012

Credit: Facts on Elysium culled from,,

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